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VE Testing for FCC Amateur Radio Licenses in Barrow County 


VE Team

The Barrow Amateur Radio Club VE Team conducts examinations for all classes of amateur radio licenses on the 1st Sundays of EVEN months.  Registration is not required; walk-ins WILL be accepted. The W5YI examination fee for 2016 is $14.00. For reservations and/or more information, contact the team liaisons (CVEs):

Mike Wolcott, W4WYI, at (404) 281-6581 or email,


In addition to VE Testing, The Barrow Amateur Radio Club provides Technician, General, and Extra Ham Radio Classes several times a year.  These classes are established based on expressed interest.  The classes are free. The cost of the materials are $24.95 per class.  Each class usually runs for 6 to 8 weeks meeting one night a week.  For class registration and/or more information, 

email Bill Wilson, KJ4EX, at or Mike Wolcott, W4WYI



Things to Bring to Examinations
  • Bring the original and a copy of your photo ID along with a second form of identification
  • Bring your original FCC license and a photocopy of your license (if you are currently licensed)
  • Bring the original and a copy of any Certificate(s) of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCEs)
  • If necessary, bring a calculator
  • Bring a pen and two pencils
  • Be sure to bring cash payment for the test fees charged by the VEC (correct change, please!)


Ready for your exam?
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